Our History

Over the course of history, Unitrend has crossed many milestones and the achievements are trend setting. As we look forward to the years ahead, here is a synopsis of the some of the achievements that Unitrend received.


Muneer Ahmed Khan, Zulfiqar Ahmed and Partners sets up a four-man communication agency. They are committed to following modern, advertising methods and trends. This marks the entry of professional marketers to the Bangladeshi advertising scene. 

Landmark advertising campaign for Philips Bulb declares ‘Maacher Raja Ilish Ar Battir Raja Phillips’ [Hilsa the king of fish and Phillips the king of lights]. Following launch, national sales jumped by 60 percent. This marks the beginning of demand creation by Unitrend.


Unitrend formally became affiliated with McCann-Erickson Worldgroup. Portfolio alignment welcomes brands like Coca-Cola, Reckitt & Coleman into the house. It also brings in a paradigm shift in terms of organizational culture, consumer understanding, strategic thinking, creative executions and brand management.


McCann Erickson Worldgroup is formed to meet the changing needs of marketers. This includes the Weber Group, Torre Lazur Healthcare, Momentum and MRM Partners.


Unitrend receives the Highest Recognition Award in the McCann System.


The trailblazing ‘Simple Math’ campaign is developed and launched for Eastern Bank Limited. The campaign is based on the simple insight that consumers are afraid of formal transactions at banks.


McCann Worldgroup creates the McCann Demand Chain TM – a revolutionary model for linking the elements of demand creation. Unitrend wins 3 “Srijon Samman” awards in Kolkata, India.


Unitrend launches its specialist social and development communication wing, Unisocial. Clients include UNICEF, FHI, World Bank, SMC and the Bangladesh chapter of John Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.


Zulfiqar Ahmed succeeds Muneer Ahmed Khan as CEO and Managing Director, while the latter assumes the position of Chairman and Creative Chief.


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